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Street Style in Sydney

When most people think of the fashion hubs of the world, we think New York, Paris, Milan, and London. Sydney doesn't get that kind of recognition in the international fashion scene, but it should. The street style on this waterfront city is on fleek But what exactly constitutes Sydney street style in 2016? Let’s take a look.

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Sydney is like Rio meets NYC meets Malibu. People easily transition from city life to beachside hangin' like it's no one's business. For those days at the beach or on a boat, pair high waisted jean shorts with a flowy top over your bathing suit, and then throw on a summer hat. Done. 


The other trend we've observed in this city are rompers and matching two piece sets. When you're not sure how to mix and match the various pieces of your wardrobe, this would be your easy, breezy, go-to option.

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Simple summer dresses are an easy and popular go-to for a warm day in NYC and LA, and it’s no different in Sydney. Just put some thought into the accessories. If your dress has a lot of detailing, like patterns or ruffles, air on the side of simple neutral sandals and basic accessories, as to not compete with the dress. If you opt for a simple dress, go for chic or detailed sandals and one statement piece, such as a large necklace, a summer hat, or a large bag. And of course, never forget your sunglasses and sunscreen. The sun is deceivingly powerful in this city.

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Denim on denim is still in. You thought it went away? Think again! An all-denim outfit + booties + retro sunglasses is a casual yet stylish outfit we continue to see, and it never gets old. For now...

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The perfect piece to take a girl from brunch, to beach, to dinner? A maxi dress. Combine it with sandals, a large bag (to stash your bathing suit in), and a denim jacket to throw on at night. Bring some lipstick to add a lil' punch to your evening look.


The temperature in Sydney typically never dips below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. But sometimes, on those chilly days, you need to layer up a bit. And that’s when you might see a direct link between the NYC fashion scene and that of Sydney’s.  What I like to call the “NYC default outfit” applies here too. For a chilly night out on the town, you can NEVER, we repeat, NEVER go wrong with a plain t-shirt, leather jacket (a staple in any woman's wardrobe), skinny jeans, and knee high boots.


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