Melanie Chandra

New York / Los Angeles

My Interview with Vinayak

I'm constantly impressed by youth who are taking their own initiative to make a positive impact on their communities. I wanted to highlight one such youth. His name is Vinayak, and he is a freshman in high school in Pennsylvania.  He was born in the US, to immigrant parents from India, much like myself. 

He decided to create a newspaper for his local Indian community called BYG Times and kindly asked if he could do an interview with me (see further below). I was delighted! What I especially loved about our interactions was how professional he conducted himself over email and how clearly he had laid out his goals for the paper: 

" provide a platform for local youth to showcase their creative talent by way of writing articles, poem, comics, and art; to inspire local kids by highlighting achievements of both local and international artists, scientists, parents, athletes, community organizations; to capture key activities and events from the local Indian community; and to provide leadership opportunities, self confidence, and a sense of a accomplishment for BYG staff members."

A snippet of the publication and my interview are here, below. By reading you might learn some interesting things about Indian culture. He did a great job. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Vinayak. Enjoy!

Additional newspaper content below: